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A Highly standardized, simple, scalable, secure (multi)point to (multi)point connection technology dethroning TDM, Frame Relay and ATM based connectivity services in enterprise WANs.

If leased lines are bitcoin of the connectivity services, carrier ethernet is the ethereum of them and here is why

Easy Implementation

Very easy to implement, no need for complex devices, just an ethernet switch

Various Service Types


Cost Effective

Ability to select the exact bandwidth required

SDN and NFV Ready

Supports next generation software defined network and network function virtualization


You can scale your bandwidth however you prefer with no technician required on-site


The service is standardized by MEF so irrespective of the overlay carrier, the service is the same

Source: CIENA

Carrier Ethernet Services can be viewed as the fuel for the digital economy. The key drivers for the growth of Carrier Ethernet Services are: Expanded service coverage, Bandwidth demand, Extraordinary performance/price advantages, Accelerated service rollout, TDM to CE transition

Metro Ethernet Forum - MEF

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For businesses requiring always on, dedicated, highly secure connections

Cost effective dedicated and secure next generation connections

Over MPLS, SDH or native Carrier Ethernet networks

Connectivity in local access via Ethernet in any given country

Next generation secure and software defined connections with cloud first approach

Network automation and network function virtualization via software

Rock solid inter office connectivity over secure MPLS network

Next generation connectivity over Low Earth Orbit satellites

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